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      公司簡介 企業文化




      Core Values: Credit Management, Quality Priority, All-Win Cooperation and Social Responsibility


      Credit Management: Credit is the primary core value of us, as well as the guarantee for our enterprise’s sustainable development. We trust and respect each other with our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. On this basis, we are expecting a long-term and all-win cooperation model.


      Quality PriorityWe deeply develop the value of supply chain, optimize the supplier system and ensure the quality and stability of the supply side. We carry out the lean management and achieve excellent quality competitiveness by innovative research and development management, total quality management and standardized operation.



      All-Win CooperationWe promotes the all-win cooperation mindset as the active guideline of every employee. We have been striving to achieve the maximum comprehensive efficiency and all-win cooperation whether in teamwork or in cooperation with customers.



      Social ResponsibilityWe have abandoned the traditional business philosophy of viewing the profit as the single goal. Instead, we emphases on creating sustainable revenues for customers, employees, other stakeholders, environment and society. We are committed to green manufacturing, energy conserving and emissions reducing, environmentally protecting, which reflect TENGYUAN’s social responsibility.



      Mission and visionTENGYUAN aims to be a global trusted and century-old enterprise which views innovation as the driving force of sustainable development and creates value for society, customers, shareholders, employees.



      Management Philosophy:


      Global StrategyWith international perspective, we perform global strategy and overall planning. Realizing reasonable allocation of global resources and developing the value of each point in the supply chain, so as to kindly serve global customers.



      Diversified Development: Making the utmost of TENGYUAN's resource advantages in technology, market, management and so on, realizing the value-added of the value chain by reasonably allocating resources, improving the efficiency of resources utilization and fully implementing the synergistic effect.


      Lean managementPerforming the lean management system, emphasizing on quality and efficiency, strictly controlling each point in production process, establishing the loop-locked operation model of “inspection-feedback-improvement”, improving efficiency and reducing cost, achieving products’ high quality and reliability.


      Diversified competitionGetting insight into the inner demand of customers and markets, developing the differences of products and services, operating with the standard of "beyond customer’s expectations", forming the unique competitive advantages.



      Sustainable Operation: We insist on the concept of sustainable development, looking for more environmental friendly process for the production, focusing on the balance of  long-term and short-term interests, seeking the balance of the company development and environmental protection, which with an aim to contribute to the sustainable development of human beings.



      Management Philosophy:


      SystematizationCompany is an entirety while management is a systematic engineering. We observe problems in overall planning view, analyze problems in win-win cooperation philosophy and solve problems by collaborative approaches. We explore the nature of problems and solve them fundamentally, ensuring the sustainable development of our company.


      Standardization: We are actively learning and absorbing advanced scientific management concept, combining with the refining summary of our company, forming distinctive and standardized management model, so as to improve the efficiency of operations.


      PrecisenessAttitude decides everything while detail decides outcome. With precise attitude, we observe details in every point of management, assigning responsibilities clearly, quantifying working arrangement reasonably, assessing working results accurately, summarizing feedbacks and improving timely.


      Working Philosophy:


      Target-orientatedDecomposing company strategic target to branch of different level and achieving the effective transmission of target to every employee. The accomplishment of each branch target is the foundation of accomplishment of company’s strategic target. Every employee realizes his responsibility by effective target-orientation, which forms composite force of teamwork and promotes the sustainable development of our company.


      Problem-orientedWe view the problem as a stepping stone for the development of our company, encouraging each member to find company’s problems existing in the operation process and puts forward the suggestions to solve the problem, advocating promote awareness of the problem management, finding and solving the problem actively, optimizing work continuously.


      Value-orientatedThe purpose of work is to create value. We aim to create value for customers and provide value-added services. We aim to create value for our company and improve efficiency and quality. Company provides the conditions and supports for the team and staff's value realization, while the team and staffs make value-added contribution for the accomplishment of company’s targets. We set up the scientific value evaluation system to measure the effect of all the work, making objective and fair evaluation and incentive.



      Action Belief:


      IntegrityIntegrity is the foundation of self-reliance and behavior, as well as the guarantee of success for long. Both of our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we are persistent in dealing with each other honestly, keeping promise and mutual respect, winning the long-time trust and cooperation. 



      Customer-oriented. Customer-oriented is the foundation of business. All of our business activities and employee’s behavior takes the customers as the center. We believe that only understand customer’s requirements and provide customers the best products, technologies, services and solutions, can we help customers deal with all kinds of difficulties and challenges and continue to create value for customers and enhance customers’ satisfaction. Only by customers’ success, can we success. This is our top survival wisdom. 




      Pursuing excellencethe pursuit of excellence is the source of our achievements. We pursue excellent performance and strive to the best performance. We pursue the highest quality products and services and never compromise. We pursue the highest standard of work and refuse to mediocrity. We continue to innovation and constantly go beyond and strive to do better. We use perfection pursuing perfect products and drive the building of the brand. We are committed to achieving excellent talents, management, process, products and services, and strive to make the pursuit of excellence to be our habits. 


      TeamworkTeamwork is the key to our success. We think that through across different departments, the system, cross-organizational collaborative problem solving, gather all the wisdom, common service customer is the key to success. We respect every team member's background, experience, personality and ideas, advocate teamwork fusion diversification. Our suppliers and other stakeholders as an integral part of company's value chain. With the concept of “part is subordinated to the whole”, we are responsible for the final result and we attaches great importance to share with team members. We gather the team wisdom and strength, promoting the sustainable development of the company.


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